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Client Photos

Lou Gramm & Don Mancuso, July 19th, 2006, East Moline, IL

Peter Stroud, Guitarist for Sheryl Crow, June 17th, 2006, Cedar Rapids, IA

Ding & Styx, June 13th, 2006, Burlington, IA

Tommy Shaw, October 2005, Moline, IL

James (JY) Young, October 2005, Moline, IL

My longtime friends Greg Mandelke, Keith Marks, Jimmy Johnson, and new associate Ross Nunan on the Styx stage, October 2005, Moline, IL

Charlie Torres, Rick Derringer & Tom Curiale, August 2005, Davenport, IA


Skid Row and Mr. Mike Nash...

 Eddie.jpg (29368 bytes)  
Mr. Corey Stevens...

Photo taken in October 2004 in Rama Ontario by Brigitte Boulaisuriale.  Courtesy of http://www.tommyshaw.com/photos/Yesterday_eng.htm

Styx & Uncle Rudy, Cedar Rapids

Skid Row, September 2000, Cedar Rapids, IA

Mr. Eddie Money, June 3rd, 2000, Chicago (World Music Centre)

Mr. Bret Michaels, Davenport, IA

Mr. Mark Slaughter, August 20th, 2000, Davenport 

Mr. Ted Nugent & Dave Monti, September 2000, Cedar Rapids

Mr. Ted Nugent (May 2000)

Mr. Ted Nugent (May 2000)

Mr. Pat Travers

Brian Howe (former Bad Company lead singer) and Dean Aicher

Mr. Tommy Shaw from Styx (September 13, 1996)

Mr. Ted Nugent

Mr. Chuck Panozzo


Mr. Randy Bachman

Mr. James Young

Mr. Eddie Money and Mr. Tommy Girvin

Mr. Tommy Shaw and Mr. Keith Marks (California / NAMM)

eddiedav.jpg (59570 bytes)

Mr. Eddie Money (July 18th, 1999, Davenport, IA)

tedva99.jpg (88527 bytes)

July, 1999

Mr. Tommy Girvin and his father, January 1999, Huntington, CA

ted99.jpg (27752 bytes)

World Music Theater dressing room, July 1999

tedbnd99.jpg (34125 bytes)

Dean Mitchell, Michael Lutz & Tommy Aldridge, World Music Center dressing room, July 1999

Mr. James Young