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LEGEND PICKS Frequently Asked Questions...

Do you accept credit cards?  Yes, through PayPal.  

Do you provide custom samples?  Yes, I provide custom samples using your artwork on white and perloid picks.  Simply send an e-mail to me at greg@legendpicks.com with your desired pick color, gauge and artwork, along with your address.  I am very confident you will love the final product and hopefully order picks at my standard price. 

Can I split order requirements (various gauges / pick colors / imprint colors)?  No, this allows us to keep to keep our prices so appealing while continuing to provide the highest quality products.

What is your normal processing turnaround?  My goal is to ship orders within one week or less.  Turn-around time has improved significantly over the years.  I employ a manually intensive thirty-step process to ensure both pick and imprint quality of the highest level.  I feel that our ability to offer great picks at very reasonable prices overshadows the potential rare extended delivery period.  I encourage you to let us know if an order is required in a "rush" mode. We will do everything possible to meet your deadlines. On the other hand, please be aware that we are striving to offer picks made of the classic celluloid material, which is becoming increasingly challenging to obtain.  

Are there any extra or hidden charges?  No, the prices noted on the order form include everything.  I even ship most orders via USPS 1st Class delivery at my expense.

What is the status of my order?  Customers are always free to call or write an e-mail inquiring about the order status.  We try our best to keep customers apprised of order delays and send a note to customers upon shipping orders.

Do you sell blank picks?  No.

Do you print on guitar picks produced by other manufacturers?  No.

What types of picks do you make/sell?  We now focus only on producing picks made from the classic celluloid similar to the old Fender and Gibson picks.  We do not produce/sell tortex (matte/slick), nylon or other variations.

Do you sell or give-away picks that you make for other artists/customers?  No.

Will my artwork look good on the picks?  The better the artwork, the better the imprint will look.  We now offer full-color imprinting on white picks.  For crisp black imprint only, artwork should be black/white with no shading.  Artwork can be provided in hard-copy or electronically.  Artwork should be a couple of inches big, which will enable us to shrink it down and tighten it up.  Please specify your preferred font if you only need lettering.  There are no limits of characters per line or lines of imprint, but depending on the desired font, more than twelve characters per line tends to lose its appeal.  The imprint area we have on most picks is about .821 of an inch.  We size artwork to have the outer reaches exactly touch the border of a circle this size.  In almost every case, this sizing works perfectly.

What artwork formats do you accept?  BMP, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, PDF or GIF.  Try to send them at a minimum of 300 DPI.  For imprinting signatures and hand-written notes, use a black sharpie or pen and write your requirement on a clean white piece of paper.  If you are using more than one name (first and last, or a combination), consider putting them on separate lines so we can better fill the pick.  Again, please make sure the signature is a couple of inches big.

What pick/imprint color schemes do you recommend?  Full color imprinting is available only on white picks.  Many customers like gold on white but the imprint does not stand out as well as the darker colors.  White and gold look great on black picks.  Some customers use red or blue on black picks, but I do not recommend them.  I personally like white on shell picks, and many customers like gold on shell picks.  I only recommend black on white/silver perloid picks.  I do not recommend black, red or blue on shell picks.

Why are our prices so low?  We get asked this question regularly and my initial reaction to folks is for them not to be misled into thinking that our products are somehow inferior and that our low prices somehow reflect low quality picks and/or poor customer service.  In actuality, our picks themselves and the quality of imprinting are the best in the world.  I consider our prices to be very reasonable and fair for me and all customers.  My margin is minimal but the ability to keep a foot in the music business is priceless.  I further explain my rationale in my biography, but suffice it say that everyone is a winner when dealing with Legend Picks. 
Why do we have so many top touring artists for endorsements and clients?  We do business with some of the best known and famous artists in the music business and continue to receive calls on a daily basis from customers world-wide asking about our product.  Our continued success is very simply based on continuing to provide the best quality picks with the highest level of personal/professional attention to detail and the needs of clients.  The music business is actually a pretty tight-knit group of players, techs, managers and folks who have embraced our products and shared their success stories with others they pass on the road.

Last Update ~ March, 2013