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Shots from the Road...

Sheryl Crow ~ October 17th, 2013

Courtesy of StyxWorld.com

Tommy Shaw and Jack Blades ~ NAMM ~ January 2006

Kenny Wayne Shepherd ~ Tweeter Center, Chicago, IL ~ May 2003

ZZ Top ~ Tweeter Center, Chicago, IL ~ May 2003

Vince Neil

Skid Row ~ Tweeter Center, Chicago, IL ~ May 2003

Dave "Snake" Sabo ~ Tweeter Center, Chicago, IL ~ May 2003

The Money Man / World Music Theatre ~ Chicago ~ June 2000

Mr. Pat Travers (Liz ~ Deb (wife) ~ Pat ~ Gaylene (sister) ~ me ~ Paul)

Me and Dennis DeYoung Goofing in St. Louis

Eddie Money Band!

Eddie Money Band (Davenport, IA)

Mr. Keith Marks (Styx's 6th member and manager extraordinaire)

Styx Guitar Pit

Mr. Dean Mitchell (Eddie Money)

Styx (Burlington, IA)

Mr. James Young (Moline, IL)

Mr. Mars Cowling and Mr. Bob "The Turtle" Anderson from Pat Travers (Peoria, IL)

John Regan, Bassist for Peter Frampton

Pat Travers' Guitar Pit

Greg Kihn at NAMM (Anaheim, CA)

bryan99.jpg (78240 bytes)

Our youngest customer in the Legend Picks guitar pit...

Mr. Jack Blades, World Music Theatre backstage, July 1999

rossv_e.jpg (27626 bytes)

Ross Valory (Journey), Adler Theater, November 1998

rossv_e.jpg (27626 bytes)

Mr. Les Paul, Cicero IL